Route 66


Google just announced “my maps,” a way to create mashups more easily. I haven’t tried it yet but have often enjoyed other people’s mashups. At “my maps” Google provides an example that caught my eye – a map of Route 66 with photos and oral histories. I think I want to take a trip on Route 66.

Oh, wait a minute! I just did – by reading Carol O’Connell’s Find Me. Mallory is roaring down the last remaining remnants of the legendary “mother road” in a souped up VW beetle, acting as a border collie for a caravan of families whose children are missing, also searching for her own missing father. Riker, a few paces behind, would like to talk to her about the dead woman she left behind in her New York apartment. Fresh adult bodies posed with the bones of missing children are showing up along the old highway – the work of a serial killer who wants his criminal map discovered at last? As Mallory races into her own past, her toughness is beginning to fray. As always, O’Connell creates her own rich and strange world, here studded with some of the strange sites found along America’s famous but vanishing highway. It’s a hell of a ride.


One Response to Route 66

  1. Kerrie says:

    I like the way you’ve done this review Barbara. I’m still chewing my way through the book, finding it a strange read

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