Blood of Paradise by David Corbett


An amazing novel set in El Salvador that illustrates the tangled and perverse alliances that the US government has established with corrupt leaders in order to spread soft drinks and free trade to the developing world. At the center of the book is Jude, a richly realized character who is young and naive and burdened with shame because his father, a corrupt Chicago cop, committed suicide after being caught out. He has gone into the business of “executive protection” after falling in love with an ill-starred, battle-scarred country. But as he tries to keep an idealistic hydrologist alive, he’s up against commercial interests that will ally themselves with killers before they lose access to a depleted aquifer for a soft drink factory. And in a confused move of atonement he lets himself be manipulated by one of his father’s corrupt associates. The ending is deeply moving, and as timely and timeless as the Greek tragedy that inspired the story. I will be thinking about this book for a long time.

3 Responses to Blood of Paradise by David Corbett

  1. Dear Barbara:

    Thank you for the generous reading and the very kind words. I’m very grateful you enjoyed the book, and wrote about it so movingly.

    Take care, and all the best:
    David Corbett

  2. Barbara says:

    It’s a great book. That last chapter … man. I don’t know how you did it.

  3. […] novels – complex, beautifully written, and with a tough and complicated ethical core. This one, set in El Salvador, involves a naive young American who has gone into the “executive […]

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