there’s a Schroedinger’s Cat quality to this situation

It’s clear now (if it wasn’t already) that the feds have been up to more mischief than they have ever admitted to. The Terrorist Surveillance Program (including monitoring e-mails from abroad) was only part of a larger program, presumably the Everybody Else Surveillance Program. While intimating there’s more where that came from, the administration won’t back up AG Gonzalez’s story that … well, he was only referring to a little bit of what’s going on. Why not? Threat Level explains that a judge has ruled in the AT&T suit that once the administration lets the cat out of the bag, they can’t avoid a lawsuit by calling it a state secret.

Now the government faces the dilemma of having to choose between letting Gonzales be investigated or impeached by keeping officially silent on what other surveillance activities the government secretly engaged in, or protecting the Attorney General and the Administration’s credibility by disclosing more about the program and putting itself and its alleged telecom partners in increased legal jeopardy.

So, if the only way to find out if the cat in there is alive or dead is to let it out of the bag . . . don’t open the bag. Once the waveform collapses, your defense might, too.

Of course, given the speed of the courts and their deference so far to official secrets, the cat will be about 110 years old before the bag is opened.


One Response to there’s a Schroedinger’s Cat quality to this situation

  1. Barbara says:

    And more from Threat Level today saying that the administration continues to violate the FISA law even after they said “oops, sorry” back in 2004. At that time they said they would comply to a set of vague but changed rules, though nobody could know how they changed because it was classified.

    Evidently the only consistency is that they still think abiding by the law is optional – as with the issuance of dodgy NSLs.

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