twin peeks

Two items in beSpacific’s list of new stuff caught my eye today because they seem to comment on each other.

First, the University of Michigan’s Panel Study of Income Dynamics provides the numbers that back up what everyone already knows. The rich are getting richer (the people with incomes in the top two percent have doubled their wealth in the past twenty years) – while the poor get poorer. (The people in the lowest 25% have less than they did in 1984.) “Trickle down economics” so popular in the Reagan era apparently involved something other than money.

But never fear, the government is hard at work to ensure that top two percent won’t have to suffer the indignity of removing their shoes at the airport. Our tax dollars are at work seeking out a company that can develop a shoe screener for those who can afford to be in the “registered traveler” program. Actually, the TSA doesn’t collect that much money for the program – it’s the private sector partners who get to charge the big bucks for membership in the club. But that’s okay, we will remain ahead of other nations when it comes to developing cutting-edge shoe screening technology.

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