carnival launch!

The Carnival has begun. Karen, who documents crime fiction in Australia and New Zealand, is hosting Carnival of the Criminal Minds No. 1 at her blog telling us what’s up down under. I’m pleased that US publishers are finally realizing we’re interested in other parts of the world here and are finally publishing the likes of Peter Temple and Garry Disher. I’m really looking forward to Adrian Hyland’s Diamond Dove (though I gather for the US edition it’s getting a name change and features a cover with a bird that looks not at all like a diamond dove but more like that ugly bird over the door of the US embassy in London, which suggests we’re still being protected from the scary news that the entire world is not Just Like Us).

Next up – The Rap Sheet will host the carnival round about October 15th, to be followed by others.

This just in – nice post about the carnival over at The Rap Sheet!


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