can you hear my friends now?

cell.jpgVerizon has provided Congress with some details of their relationship with the Feebs, to whom they supplied information in response to over 700 NSLs – the warrants the FBI can write themselves, bypassing judicial oversight. They confirm what we heard last month – that the FBI is not just interested in their targets, but in calling patterns: who was called by the people the target called. Verizon says they don’t keep those records, contrary to what a researcher previously described as common market research among telecomms. Whew, that’s relief.

Meanwhile a highly-placed DOJ source tells the gullible New York Post that the darned FISA law puts lives at risk and we need to pass some laws to straighten things out. In fact, as Threat Level points out, the story actually describes how a disorganized bureaucracy took ten hours to describe the probable cause that they had right in front of them. The hold-up was in the DOJ, not the FISA court. Expect more of the same stories from highly-placed sources as the administration tries to lie their way out of the oversight Congress is seeking to restore in the Restore Act now that the absurdly-named Protect America Act is running out.

Photo courtesy of JonJon2k8


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