we’d tell you where to vote …


. . . but then we’d have to kill you. Siva Vaidhyanathan posted an AP news story today that has a kind of zen-like strangeness to it. It’s almost a koan: what is the best response to terror but fear? How shall we have democracy? We should hide it. It’s truly one of the stranger responses to the “war on terror” that I’ve seen (and there have been some doozies).

Pa. Officials, Fearing Terrorism, Conceal List of Polling Places
AP News
Oct 25, 2007 21:23 EDT

State officials have decided not to publicize their list of polling places in Pennsylvania, citing concerns that terrorists could disrupt elections in the commonwealth.

The Department of State was influenced by the terrorist bombings that struck just days before Spain’s national elections in 2004, spokeswoman Leslie Amoros said. Election officials consulted with state police, the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency and the state Office of Homeland Security.

“The agencies agreed it was appropriate not to release the statewide list to protect the public and the integrity of the voting process,” Amoros said.

Information on individual polling places remains available on the state voter services Web site or by calling the state or county elections bureaus.

Critics say concealing the compiled list runs afoul of the state’s open records law and makes coordinating statewide voter-mobilization strategies more difficult. …

Siva comments, “in case you had any doubts that Bin Laden is laughing at us every day, here is all the evidence you need.”

(thanks to wilderdom for the image.)


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