on the bubble

Flying back from speaking to librarians at OSU,* I was thinking hard about the future of the book – you know, how to add value to new books when used books are so cheap, how to make sure whatever solution we arrive at doesn’t cut out small independent bookstores or trash the first sale doctrine. Between too many blog posts here and there in which writers berate readers for buying used books or sharing them, and my irritation with Kindle and its DRM (no, you didn’t buy that book, you rented it, dummy!), it seems we need an inventive, reader-friendly and sustainable economic model for publishing. I think I’ve almost got it licked, but I ran out of duct tape. When it’s ready, all shall be revealed.

Meanwhile, I found this video via Library Thing’s blog.** Order up a bubble tea and enjoy…

Updated on 12/13 – the video has been disappeared because a photographer who had one of her pictures used in it objected on copyright grounds (and made her Flickr photos private). This is probably a good time to remind people that a trove of Creative Commons licensed images is available on Flickr.

*good GOD, what a humongous school; I forgot how big big is, and I went to the University of Texas, where one dorm was so huge it had its own zip code.

**librarians who think MARC must die must read this blog. From which, by the way, I borrowed the asterisks.


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