shame on us

The AP reports

WASHINGTON – U.S. admissions of Iraqi refugees are nose-diving amid bureaucratic infighting despite the Bush administration’s pledge to boost them to roughly 1,000 per month, according to State Department statistics.

For the third month, since the United States said it would improve processing and resettle 12,000 Iraqis by the end of the current budget year on Sept. 30, the number admitted has actually slid. The steady decline – from 450 in October to 362 in November and 245 last month…

Meanwhile, the appalling backlog in processing naturalization petitions – 16-18 months now, after an increase in fees predictably nudged many potential applicants to take the plunge – could affect the election. How convenient is that? I’m not a conspiracy theorist, and attribute this to incompetence as usual, but these times give thriller writers a run for their money.

Funny – one of my favorite books of 2007 was about a criminal voting for the first (and probably last) time and it was oddly inspiring. This situation is not.


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