help. I can not go.

I’d like to believe I am much more saddened by people whose lives fall apart than I am by crumbling stones or plaster. Sadly, social decay is just so much more easy to ignore, and not as prettily exposed with the lens of a camera.
Dutch @ Sweet Juniper

This Flickr set is astonishing. Please – go see it.

I can’t quite put into words what I feel when watching the entire slideshow. It isn’t the destroyed, neglected books. Sure, I have a certain fetishized love of books, but that’s not what hurts.

It’s not the decay of the building, one that is beautiful in spite of its ruin.

It’s the realization that in so many American cities, kids in the public schools are being treated much the same way. Someone bought books that sit amidst the ruins still in their shrink wrap, forgotten. And all those new, bright, hopeful human beings are put into decaying schools and forgotten, except when the tests roll around and the failure is put on the kids. Not on whoever lets this happen.

And when I am stirred by the beauty of these photographs, I have to realize that I’m one of the people who lets it happen.

This photo was is part of a set of the same ruin taken by elRojo, who has posted them under a Creative Commons license. (Thank you.)


One Response to help. I can not go.

  1. bookbabie says:

    I was looking at the photos thinking where is this Iraq? Then I saw that it is Detroit. My Detroit. I grew up there and now live only 30 minutes away. I remember hearing something about this, but never saw those pics in the local paper. I may pass the link on to a newspaper and see if they’ve seen them:(

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