LCC 2008

I had a grand old time in Denver, taking in my very first Left Coast Crime with some pals from 4MA, a variety of writers, and a few extra pounds in my luggage due to book room splurges. Not to mention a few extra pounds from . . . er, eating too much. I was on a panel on the PI novel in the 21st century – nicely blogged by moderator Mark Coggins (who has a really nice camera and knows how to use it). Here is my small album:


I had a stowaway who wanted to come badly.


I walked up to the Denver Public Library – wow!


A touch of the British Library / Library of Congress Reading Room, here.


The atrium is both warm and grand. And outside there’s a sculpture that shows a sense of humor.


I made a pilgrimage to the famous Tattered Cover (well, the one in LoDo, anyway) . . .


And managed to get a shot of one pair of Donna’s shoes. There were many.


That, plus meeting some of the wonderful folks at St. Martin’s, having a drink with Sam Reaves (Sam Reaves!!) and many other close encounters. All in all, a wonderful time.


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