Two Cheers!

The House has backbone! Yay for them! Even after an extraordinary secret session, they stood up to a lot of pressure and passed a bill that does not let telecoms off the hook for breaking the law just because the administration said it was legal. It wasn’t, and “I was just following orders” isn’t a defense, even when the president says it’s okay. I mean, Nixon told those plumbers B&E was legal. Bleeep! wrong answer.

Why only two cheers? Well, the bill still broadens the powers to spy beyond what is necessary. Still, I can’t help cheering. There haven’t been many reasons to cheer for our elected representatives since the last election.

The Senate will probably take it to pieces, and even if they don’t, the president will likely veto it, just like he vetoed a bill that instructed the CIA to stop using torture, and there weren’t enough votes to override. So it’s symbolic. But even symbols are better than rolling over and playing dead.


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