What’s up with the WSJ? I keep reading the most amazing stories from that bastion of conservatism. First, the excellent coverage of TIA, the undead surveillance program from the Black Lagoon. Now, this story about the angel of New Bedford, a financier who put up $200,000 in bail for families whose husbands and wives were taken from their workplace, sent to a Texas detention center, and were facing hasty deportation.

The payments, which until now haven’t become public despite extensive news coverage of the raid itself, came from Bob Hildreth, a Boston financier who made his millions trading Latin American debt. He was “infuriated” at the televised images of workers being shipped to Texas, he says. Helping them make bail is “payback.”

The raid broke families apart,” says the diminutive 57-year-old, who once taught high-school history. “This was extremely un-American.”

Each of the families involved paid a large chunk of the bail – as much as they could afford. When the bail money comes back, he plans to set it aside for future philanthropy, helping others in a similar situation.


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