“a low, dishonest decade”

Scott McLemee has been pondering what to call this decade, starting with an essay titled “All for Naught” and this week picking up on Steven Bell’s suggestion: the 2.0 decade. (I particularly liked one commenter’s 1937 quote from Auden: “a low, dishonest decade.”) McLemee and the comments pick up on paradoxically twinned trends: on the one hand, it has been a decade defined by fear, fear that has constricted our rights and our privacy; on the other it is a time that has seen the rise of tools to share and communicate that let us do our own data gathering. I had noted this paradox at ACRLog back when police tased a student in the UCLA library and footage was almost immediately available on YouTube. Big brother may be watching but, in the immortal words of the Chicago Democratic National Convention, “the whole world is watching.”

There’s an interesting documentary on the convention. It seems a piece of it has been excerpted here . . .


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