a meme for all seasons

Sandra Ruttan tagged me in the current meme that is appearing on many a crime fiction blog. The challenge is pretty straightforward. You open the nearest book to page 123, find the fifth sentence on that page, then post the next three sentences. Fortunately, I am not currently reading Faulkner. Here’s what I came up with –

“Your woman. Justine Dalvik. I know you heard what I said a few minutes ago. That we’ve been keeping an eye on her because she’s not on the up-and-up. But you don’t want to hear that. So you’re trying to pretend you didn’t hear it at all. It’s not going to help you, Bergmann. As soon as I’m gone, you’re going to be turning it over in your mind, again and again.”

Okay, that’s more than three lines, but it give just a slight flavor of the book. A touch of procedure, a dose of dread, a case that hinges more on psychology than technology. Oh, and characters named Dalvik and Bergmann. Yes, you got it – we’re in Scandinavia, smack in the middle of Inger Frimansson’s The Shadow in the Water. I snagged an advance copy of the US edition, being published very soon by Pleasure Boat Studio.

While I’m at it, Sandra reminded me of something embarrassing – I had meant to point out Marshall Zeringue’s wonderful Campaign for the American Reader in my host post for the Carnival. I’m going to fix that, but it’s one of the best sites around for whetting your appetite for books. The Page 69 Test is a fun way to not only find out what a book sounds like, but to hear the author reflect on how it fits into the whole. A truly novel way to sample a book. (And if that’s not enough, there’s also the Page 99 Test!)

The next thing the meme involves is inviting five other bloggers to play. So now, I tag … let’s see, who hasn’t already played? – I’ll try Mary Saums, the Material Witness, the Book Bitch, David Montgomery, and Bill Crider.


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