I’ve been tagged again! This time by Kerrie of Mysteries in Paradise. It’s a simple meme, meant to spread the word about books. The task, should you decide to accept it, is this:

Pick up the nearest book, open to page 123, find the fifth sentence, then post the next three sentences. You’re also meant to tag five more people, but so far as I can tell everyone I know has already caught the bug. So I’ll skip that step and instead do the other steps twice for penance.

“Lucien’s grip was legendary, and if you were ever unfortunate enough to have him lay hands on you, you suddenly paid very close attention. It was fun to watch the mechanisms start up, to see Lucien’s eyes start flying over Absakora County, sweeping down from the mountains, through the gullies, over the foothills, and into every attic, cedar chest, closet, and gun case in a hundred square miles. He added five more names to the list, none of which were Indians.” This is from Craig Johnson’s The Cold Dish.

“When he returned to the locker room, he noticed the handkerchief on the bench. It was Chinese silk, embroidered in red with the monogram AL. He picked it up and stuffed it into his jacket pocket, not really caring whether or not she’d return for it.” This one from Chinatown Beat by Henry Chang.

Both books are in a rather tall TBR pile, one from the book room at LCC Denver, the other from my last foray to Once Upon a Crime. Speaking of which, if you’re in the Minneapolis/St. Paul neighborhood, come keep me company on Tuesday, April 29th, at 7pm there, where Pat and Gary are kindly hosting the launch of In the Wind.


2 Responses to me-me-meme

  1. Kerrie says:

    Thanks for responding Barbara. I’m amazed that you had time with all the things you do. Just read Maddy’s review of IN THE WIND on 4MA. Sounds good – will it be available in Oz?

  2. Barbara says:

    So far as I know, no rights have been sold for abroad (and what an insult “commonwealth rights” is for Australia! or so it seems to me.) It is listed in various online bookseller catalogs, though Bookdepository lists it as “unavailable” which … well, it hasn’t actually been released yet so maybe it will be available later (?)

    All I know is if it sold in AU, it will be wildly expensive. I don’t know how bookaholics fund their addiction in a country where are priced so high :-( I have learned never to whine about US prices after learning about yours.

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