internationalizing the mystery curriculum

Sooner or later I have to get serious about planning my next First Term Seminar, a new course focused on international crime fiction.

Meanwhile, I’m delighted to learn from The Rap Sheet that the LA Times book prize for mystery/thriller has gone to Norwegian author Karin Fossum for The Indian Bride. What’s even more cheering is that the runners-up also celebrate the international flavor of crime fiction these days: two from Ireland (Tana French’s In the Woods and Benjamin Black’s Christine Falls), one from Sweden (Frozen Tracks, by Åke Edwardson) and a German novel set in Finland (Jan Costin Wagner’s Ice Moon).

No wonder my problem isn’t finding books for the reading list, it’s cutting it down to a semester’s size.


One Response to internationalizing the mystery curriculum

  1. Melissa says:

    I think I commented in the wrong post previously. I am definately interested in reading “The Indian Bride”. The cover looks wonderful. Landmark Status hooked me on this sub-genre and so I look forward to similar reads. Thanks again.

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