sensible words

A US Marshall has some practical advice in the Arizona Republic for local law enforcement: concentrate your limited resources on criminals who commit crimes that hurt people, not on undocumented immigrants.

Local law enforcement should work closely with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in sharing intelligence and investigating illegal aliens who are committing crimes. Local law enforcement simply does not have the time and resources to take on the additional duties of an immigration officer who is trained for 18 weeks on immigration law.

I ask you, as a citizen who pays our salaries and expect police leaders to make critical decisions on your safety, would you want your police departments chasing down illegal aliens or would you rather they spend their time cuffing fugitives, gangsters, burglars, thieves, armed robbers and child molesters?

The illegal-immigration problem cannot be fixed by putting every illegal alien in jail.

Predictably, a commenter says “Illegal aliens are criminals, one and all. The need to be ferreted out, rounded up, and deported immediately” – totally ignoring the author’s argument that it’s irresponsible to act as if priorities are irrelevant and that millions of people can be deported without cost.

We had a great “teach-in” on immigration at my college where faculty from history, political science, sociology, geography, education, and religion spoke, along with students who work with immigrants in Minnesota. I just wish some people were willing to listen.

Hat tip to Immigration Prof Blog


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