triplets born in three locations!

Sandra Ruttan, Tom Piccirilli and I all have books being released on the same day – today! – so we’re triplets, though we are in a) Canada b) Colorado and c) Minnesota. With her usual incredible energy (I actually think she’s actually quintuplets herself; how else could anyone get all that writing done?), Sandra has put together interviews of the two of us at her blog, On Life and Other Inconveniences. I suspect Tom of being quintuplets, too: just look at the incredible number of books he’s written.

The Cold Spot sounds pretty hot to me. Saturday Boy hates it. He advises that we all don’t buy it right now. )

For an excellent interview of Sandra, see January Magazine’s snapshot, and for some discussion of her new book, What Burns Within, in her own words, see how she passes the Page 69 Test.


One Response to triplets born in three locations!

  1. sophie says:

    Barbara, huge congratulations on the book!
    I’m sending for it right now…and I will bring it around for you to sign whenever I next see you. Enjoy your “baby”…

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