Tagged again! Karen, via Peter, has asked me to reveal six random facts about me. Since I have never kept chooks nor flooded six floors of a hotel in China, this would be a really good time for you to catch up on your sleep. Here goes:

My daughter’s dog Sadie will be staying with us for a few weeks while Rosemary travels to Italy. This would be fine, except the cats took a vote and have passed a unanimous resolution against dogs. Negotiations continue.

I live in a building that used to be the town firehouse (and town hall and police station; it’s a very small town). There has never been a pole; the firemen used the stairs. There is no bell, because the firemen took it with them when they moved to a new building. There is also no bell tower, because a tornado knocked it down ten years ago.

I will be teaching a new course on international crime fiction next year, as well as a new course on books and culture, as well as a course I’ve taught for several years, Information Fluency. I clearly need to see a professional about my bad habit of filling out course proposal forms impulsively.

I have a large pile of books to read. This should come as no surprise to anyone.

I know someone who is directly descended from Kant and Leibnitz.

I’m pretty good at handling new technology, but telephones scare me.

There. I hope you enjoyed a refreshing nap. Though I’m supposed to tag others, I think I’ll let this one go since, so far as I can tell, I was the last resident of the planet who had not yet played.


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