a long and winding road

. . will take me to Omaha for Mayhem in the Midlands, a legendary long-running, library-sponsored mystery conference, where I’ll be on a couple of panels and will moderate one. That will be followed by a visit with my friend Ellen, who kept me sane in high school and was the first person I ever met who took writing seriously, followed by brief visits with my son Tim and my mom in Madison – with visits to bookstores along the way, where I am sure I will spend lots of money. And maybe sell a book or two, but I have a feeling the ratio will be lopsided in favor of my bookshelves growing more crowded.

Oh, and there will be lots of money spent at gas stations, too, but at least I have a tiny car that doesn’t eat too much. How tiny? Just ask Arnaldur Indridason, who had to ride in it from Madison to St. Peter once, and he’s a large man. What he would have to say would probably be a lesson in Icelandic cuss words, though he was incredibly gracious about it.

By the way, Google Maps is not as demented as it may seem – it isn’t sending me to Omaha via Des Moines, at least it doesn’t when you look at the larger map. What’s up with that?

If you live near any of these places, I’d love to say hello.


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