in the meanwhile . . .

I’m slowly adding some photos from my trip to flickr. I think this one’s my favorite. I was heading toward the Mystery Company in Carmel Indiana (home of the nation’s first stoplight, but they moved on to better things – roundabouts everywhere) taking the scenic route through Indianapolis, and bumped into their public library. I hear it was beset by delays, cost overruns, lawsuits and all manner of conflict, but the final result is awesome. It blends a classic grand library, beautifully restored, with a glass-and-shiny-bits contemporary building, the two joined with a swooping atrium.

But best of all – secret staircases! I don’t think the door was meant to be open, and when I looked again it was shut and locked.

secret staircase


One Response to in the meanwhile . . .

  1. That’s an awesome thing, Barbara. One wonders who is kept down there.

    Did I say “who”? Sorry, I meant “what.”

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