block (that) quote

It was bound to happen. The New York Times reports that AP is beginning to bristle at bloggers who quote from their news stories. They have asked the Drudge Retort (a left-leaning response to the Drudge Report) to remove some of its posts that quote from 39 – 79 words from news stories. They would prefer a paraphrase and a link. According to an AP spokesman, even their headlines are “creative content” that “has value.” Oops. I should have paraphrased that.

As a blog reader, I’m not taken with this idea. Yes to links, by all means – I want to see the original – but yes to direct quotes, too. The value of a news story isn’t diminished when it’s quoted (not paraphrased) and I don’t think it hurts a newspaper’s bottom line to have its content discovered through various channels. I know I read more newspapers now than in pre-Internet days, thanks to links encountered online. And if I’m interested, I do click through.

But for whatever reason, AP is concerned that their creative content is being stolen and says they will be developing fair use guidelines for bloggers. Good luck with that!


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