ICE cold

This is a story that can bring tears to your eyes. A man who came to the US legally and has lived in this country for most of his life missed a meeting with immigration officials because they sent the notice to a non-existent address. When he didn’t show up to the meeting he didn’t know about, a judge ordered him deported. Years later, in the process of obtaining a green card, he went to a meeting with immigration officials – and was detained on the old deportation order.

While in detention he complained of back pain and was not only told to stop malingering, he was dragged from place to place and refused both treatment and a wheelchair. A judge finally intervened and ordered that he receive immediate medical treatment. Turned out he had a fractured spine and was so riddled with cancer that he died five days later.

Still, immigration authorities wouldn’t let his family visit until he was nearly dead. And when they finally were allowed to see him, he was under guard. Our tax dollars at work.

And it all started with a letter sent to a non-existent address. These people should be prosecuted.

This is just one of many cases of unnecessary and cruel deaths in detention reported by The New York Times. And it’s a good illustration of why we need a strong press. These stories need to be told. And we need to change things. Now.


2 Responses to ICE cold

  1. did you by any chance see The Visitors? My daughter and husband went to see it recently on a whim. The images of the detention center in Queens (I think) will stay with me forever. I’ve been thinking ever since about the fact that when I was 13, I had no idea such places exist; now my daughter knows, and her father and I feel a little more ashamed that we live in a country that can countenance this kind of treatment. Thank you barbara, for the reminder. I’m a patriot, but on some days it’s harder than others. – s

  2. Barbara says:

    Thanks for the tip – I need to see it!

    I think all real patriots would be bothered by the way we treat detainees. Including anyone who swears an oath to uphold the Constitution. It’s very upsetting.

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