pardon the interruption …

… while I do a bit of goofy-grinning navel-gazing. In the Wind got a really nice review in Crimespree written by Rebecca Tatham, who turns a nice phrase herself.  (“I don’t demand that the zippered pockets of my psyche be opened by some revelation during the experience. Sometimes a vicarious adrenaline rush, the pure fun of clever folly, or a well-chartered prowl through darkness is all I need.”) But she gives Anni’s adventures a nice thumbs-up, calling it

a fast-paced, multi-layered investigation that smartly parallels our contemporary, post-9/11 culture of paranoia with the counterintelligence-fueled instability of the Vietnam War era. Anni is drawn into a conflict that involves members of a white supremacy group, a radical faction of the American Indian Movement, the FBI, and the Chicago PD. By forcing engaging, sympathetic characters into situations that threaten their personal or ideological securities, Fister explores the interplay between the perception of radicalism and the conception of civil liberties. This is an intriguing book that rewards on every level!

And a nice added note from Gary Schultz of Once Upon a Crime, one of the best book people I know.


One Response to pardon the interruption …

  1. sophie littlefield says:

    belated cheers – go barbara! crimespree knows damn-good when they see it :)

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