very, very worried

This is just too, too, too horrible and scary.

I love New Orleans. There’s no place like it, and it’s worth preserving. Watching the Katrina unnatural disaster unfold was as upsetting, horrifying, and affecting as watching another favorite city, New York, cope with 9/11. The difference was we did it to ourselves. Most of the victims of Katrina were not killed by the storm, but by human failures. Our failures.

Given the shoddy rebuilding of levies, the greed that has ruined the wetlands that protected the coast, and the continuing ability for our government to screw up, this could be the end.

And the last of the unclaimed bodies from Katrina were buried just last week.

UPDATE: It wasn’t so bad after all – and as the real-time updated weather map shows, things have been mostly not scary since I wrote this. The threat remains, and the human-made damage is not yet sufficiently repaired. I hope this map doesn’t tell a different story any time soon.


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