Yes, we did!

Thank God. There will be a hard road ahead, trying to fix all that has been broken over the past eight years, but what a triumph. I have been too anxious to hope for the past week. It’s time to hope again.

Grant Park, Nov. 4th 2008

Grant Park, Nov. 4th 2008

photo courtesy of gingerbydesign

3 Responses to Yes, we did!

  1. Bryan Helmig says:

    In my opinion there was no way Obama couldn’t win. People were so fed up with Republicans that there was no way a Republican could win. I even believe that if things were different and Obama was a Republican, he would have lost. America has spoken.

  2. Barbara says:

    I was just too afraid of the alternative to be confident – but I think you’re right. Even Republicans are ready for a change.

  3. Julie Campbell says:

    I saw an interview with a group of black high school students and they were asked if they would have supported Obama if he had been a Republican. They all agreed it would have been very hard, but they would *not* have supported him because no one Republican could understand their lives.

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