things found on the Internet when I should be working, no. 2

There a kind of splendid if somewhat pointless (or splendidly pointless) creativity that thrives in certain circumstances. It’s the impulse that drive outsider artists to create beauty out of junk and idiosyncrasy.

It’s both a mysterious process and a work of obsession. To quote a Lawrence Block character musing about an outsider artist in Small Town, “she couldn’t hope to guess what had prompted a wild-eyed little black man in Brooklyn to stab knives and forks into the wooden spool, to pound nails and screws and miscellaneous bits of hardware into it, to screw in a brass doorstop here, the wooden knobs from a chest of drawers there. Why he had done it–and, most mysterious of all, how had he managed in the process to create not a mad jumble, not a discordant conglomeration of junk, but an artifact of surpassing beauty?”

This kind of beautiful bizarreness flourishes on the Internet.  One example is the weirdly wonderful human clock. (Thanks, RAMily!) Every minute, a new photo pops up which happens to give the time. Photos are submitted by people who want to play – and you can too – when you should be working.

Photo of the Forevetron courtesy of queenodesign.

One Response to things found on the Internet when I should be working, no. 2

  1. oh wow barbara, what a weird coincidence! I was over on the berkeley marina outcropping all weekend for a retreat, and while on a walk by the berkeley sailing club, noticed that on the rocky weedy downslope at the water’s edge, some outsider-bent soul has created a garden of odd little…assemblages, i guess is the word. broken chairs, broken pots, tiny dioramas made from toy parts, things hung in trees, just a lot of junk lovingly arranged and stuck a bit off the careless observer’s purview. It seemed especially lovely and poignant since I’m sure the winds whip through there often and destroy it all. Whomever that person is, I’m sending them gratitude and sparkly blessings.

    thank heaven for people who create just cause they gotta. Occasionally i forget I once did the same.

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