twin piques

Strange how RSS will put two things together.

A new Pew report says 1 out 31 Americans are in prison, on probation, or on parole.  The expense of having nearly a third 3% of our population (math meltdown! – it’s still a lot)  in the”corrections” system is going to make states rethink a few things when the money’s not there. And high time, too. Americans are not so much more criminally minded than other people in the world – we’re just good at providing simple answers to complicated questions. (We have a quarter of the world’s prisoners though only 5% of the world’s population.)

At the same time, several reports are coming out of the you-couldn’t-write-this-in-fiction behavior of the Bush administration. Lately, it’s the CIA destroying interrogation tapes and approving military action in the US without any of that Bill of Rights hassle that law enforcement has to mess with. Since my outrage-o-meter broke several years ago, this is just sort of … numbing.

Makes me wonder about the phrase “criminal justice.”


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