book publishing is broken, exhibit B stroke 2

That running man really gets around! Curtesy of Karen Meek’s Euro Crime blog – here he is running from Switch – after much other running around . . .



And there’s more! How far would you go to protect the ones you love? Only one man can unearth the heretic’s treasure – and he’s the last defense against the world’s deadliest threat. I’d run too. I mean, jeez – look at all the other times he’s been the only man on earth to save us all from bones, dust, sins, and God.

Funny thing is – everyone is so up in arms about copyright. Oh noes! what if things are copied? why, why, we’ll have the end of culture as we know it! Replication! Our creative life blood will drain into the valley of bones and turn to dust. Because God tells us it’s a sin. Piracy!

So instead we settle for what money can buy – the same freakin’ images over and over and over and over . . . because you see locking it up means you can sell it over and over and over, and that’s all good, right? Don’t look at any of those Creative Commons-licensed images! Those aren’t for sale, so they must not be worth anything. Besides, everyone knows a running man is the right image for every thriller.

Yup. I feel so much better about our culture now.


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