smackdown! the book v. Kindle

There has been more than enough said about the Kindle, which has been good for getting buzz if nothing else. I’ve had my own reservations about Amazon’s extraordinary vertical integration of businesses that give them a major stake in everything from self-publishing to audio to used books to book discussions online. But this series of videos is just goofy good fun. An independent bookseller, Green Apple Books in San Francisco, has started a video smackdown, pitting the book against the Kindle. Here are the first rounds.

Selling your books so you can support your book habit:

Buying a book, in which the TOS (that in reality nobody reads) offers some surprises:

Story time. Nuff said.

No doubt a Kindle-lover could make equally funny videos about the superiority of the Kindle for those who want a book NOW and/or have panic attacks when stuck on a plane with fewer than four or five books. But for amateur YouTube fun, these are pretty sweet. I’ll post more as the smackdown continues.


5 Responses to smackdown! the book v. Kindle

  1. Larry Schwartz says:

    Typical 1.0 paranoia with no basis in reality. But, they’ll all be dead soon and progress will continue, unimpeded. And the third video has been deleted by the user.

    • Barbara says:

      I don’t think reality was the point. It’s just a silly take from the p.o.v. of a bookseller. Too bad the third one was removed – it was funny. Maybe it was the proximity of small children and the staff member taking a nap with a bottle of Scotch. Either the parents of the children complained, or the distiller complained of trademark infringement or something.

      • Alex B says:

        Video three will be back … the parents of the children approved of the message. It was accidentally posted prematurely.

      • Kevin says:

        The third video wasn’t supposed to be posted until tonight, which it will be, so it was only taken down temporarily.

      • Barbara says:

        Yay! I thought (after the fact) that it being number 7 might have played a role. I’m glad it will be back. Worth waiting for, those who missed the sneak peek! (Those children are so cute, especially in that final shot.)

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