smackdown! round 3

Round three: sharing is a little harder with a Kindle when your friend walks off with all of your Kindle books, not to mention the gadget itself. (Of course, this might actually be against the TOS – at least, that’s what libraries have heard from Amazon.)

The comments at Green Apple’s blog are taking the whole project very seriously – “you forgot about this” or “you aren’t fairly representing both sides.” Er, this isn’t a real competition. Go elsewhere for thoughtful, probing, even-handed reviews. This is all in fun – and if you think it’s a level playing field, the best joke in this episode is that the paper-and-ink book that brings tears to the loaner’s eyes is Per Petterson’s Out Stealing Horses. On the Kindle, the best book ever – Bridges of Madison County.

No, we’re not going for dispassionate analysis here. Thank goodness.


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