cover up!

This is interesting … a time-lapse idea of how a designer combined and altered images to create a book cover.

Not shown is this bit: “I left out the not-as-riveting-onscreen stages of my cover design process, such as reading the manuscript, sifting through Alexia photoshoot outtakes, background photo research, etc. And since this is a series look that has already been established for Soulless and Changeless, there weren’t the usual batches and rounds of versions of different designs that happen with standalone or first-in-a-new-series covers.”

Wow. This designer puts some work into it.

Some interesting book jacket sites that I stashed on Delicious:


2 Responses to cover up!

  1. Lourdes says:

    That was interesting!

  2. Dorte H says:

    Impressive! Especially because I have just read a post by Colin Cotterill complaining about publishers who seem to neglect the writer´s wishes altogether.

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