my new “A Book Every Month” movement

Okay, I’ll be the first to admit that my mouth is considerably bigger than my supply of money. But … whatever. I’m going to put a little money where my big mouth is.

Here’s the deal: I get most of my reading material from the public library and from publishers sending review copies. Some people say bookstores are doomed, but I disagree. The experience of browsing in a good bookstore, the serendipitous encounters with books, the social hub they provide for book lovers, and the deep knowledge good booksellers have are all simply too valuable to lose. So I have decided on a little project to outfox the pundits.

I’m going to buy at least one book from an independent bookstore every month, and I’ll tell you about what I bought and what I thought of it here.

There are a lot of stores I should support, but because the profit on a dozen books is not much, I’m going to concentrate on one beloved store, Once Upon a Crime in Minneapolis. They are sharing an Edgar award with Centuries and Sleuths this year for “outstanding achievement in the mystery field outside the realm of creative writing” and they totally deserve it. I don’t live close enough to get to the store much, but they are happy to send me books by mail.

Think about buying at least one book a month from your favorite store. Remember, you don’t even have to live nearby. You can dwell among the snowdrifts and soybean fields, like me, and still benefit from the curatorial skill of good booksellers. Let’s prove the pundits wrong (and have fun while we’re at it).

If you decide to blog about it, please use the tag “book every month” or tweet #bookmonth (but don’t use the more familiar phrase ending in “club” because that’s a registered trademark and people get cross about those things).

[a photo of Julie Kramer and others that
I took at Once Upon a Crime’s annual Write of Spring]


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